The Accidentals


Billboard's Breakout Band at SXSW 2015; Winner of the Emerging Artist Series at Summerfest WI US Cellular Stage 2015; Winner of WYCE's Album of the Year 2015; Winner of Red Hot Best Band MyNorth Magazine three years in a row... THIS is the band to watch.

Described as, "one of the most ground-breaking musical experiences one might just have in a lifetimeā€ by Jonathan Frahm at Yahoo Voices, The Accidentals are just getting started.

From 2012-2014, The Accidentals recorded three original albums, were guest artists on fifteen others, scored two films, and landed song placements in commercials, documentaries, and music compilations while playing over a seven hundred live shows. THEN they graduated high school.

The Last Gasp Collective


Sometimes soft, sometimes loud, sometimes smooth, sometimes mature, sometimes childish, sometimes thought provoking. The compelling collection of artist that is Last Gasp has made waves that would leave the pacific envious.

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